Free Delivery and Mail Order

Trillium Pharmacy have the unique service of delivering your prescriptions to your front door the same day you order them, Free of Charge.

Our delivery is system established to help you get your prescriptions and get your health back on track, without having to distract your busy schedules. Furthermore, Trillium Pharmacy free delivery service provides the opportunity to those having transportation difficulties to still receive their medications on times.

Free Delivery and Mail Order

For your convenience Trillium Pharmacy offers free home delivery:

  • Monday through Sunday
  • Throughout the San Diego County

Trillium is proud to announce that we are one of the few pharmacies in San Diego  that can send your prescriptions through Mail Order, free of charge. Mail Order ensures that you will receive your prescription refill, immediately without having to go through the extensive wait-time.

Trillium Pharmacy ultimate goal is to make your experience of getting your medications a pleasant and an easy one. Feel free to contact us, to know more about our services.