Medical Equipment Available

Trillium Pharmacy carries a diverse and complete line of medical equipment and various hospital supplied for the home care of the patient. We accept all insurances, and our expert staff will help the patient select the best and correct equipment, which will be offered at lower prices, compared to our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accept my insurance?

Trillium Pharmacy, accepts MediCal, MediCare, and many more.

How can I pick up my medical equipment, if I don’t have transportation?

Trillium Pharmacy, will deliver the equipment to you, free of charge. Our Certified staff can also assist you in installing your new equipment at your residence

How can I select the medical equipment I need?

Trillium Pharmacy staff are always available to provide you with detailed catalogs that can be sent to your email or mail box to select from. Once you make your decision and consult with our staff, we can deliver the equipment right to your door step, or you can pick it up.