Trillium Pharmacy specializes in the formulation of drugs that are not commercially available. Our pharmacists use state-of-the-art technology with FDA-approved chemicals so that your finished medication meets the doctor's exact specifications. Our Compounding staff have vast experience in the latest research and published articles that help in making the best compounding therapeutics to our patients. Nonetheless, Trillium Pharmacy have the ability to perform any compounding medications that our patient’s physicians might prescribe. From tropical creams and lozenges to veterinary medications, all your medications will be prepared individually by an experienced and highly trained Pharmacists.

Our Compounding Pharmacists are Experts in:

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pain Management

Skin Care (Dermatology)

Thyroid Medication

Veterinary Compounding

Why Compounding

Usually your doctor might prescribe various strengths that are not available commercially. Therefore, Compounding ensures that all our patients will have the precise dosage they require.

In many situations compounding drugs can offer various options for patients and physicians, such as oral, injections, suppository, or transdermal routes, are all possible. Also, Trillium Pharmacy can manufacture compounding therapies, which are not currently produced in the dosage required.

Trillium Pharmacy can create drugs, through various techniques of compounding that improve or eliminate flavors, which can increase the patient’s compliance – especially children. Substituting custom-made flavors, with ones that the patient likes can ease the transition to a healthy tomorrow. Furthermore, our staff can alter traditional routes of delivery. For instance, a hard-to-swallow pill can be substituted for flavored sublingual lozenge; or in place of an injection a transdermal cream. The possibilities are endless.

Many patients find that the preservatives, dyes, and other potential allergens that are generally added to standard manufactured drugs can lead to painful side-effects. Therefore, our experienced pharmacy staff, could easily remove these products from prescriptions, by creating compounded preservative-free or dye-free or use alternative “fillers." In addition, many patients suffer greatly from sugar intolerance; as a result, our pharmacists can compound syrups with non-caloric sweeteners, which helps these patients control their blood glucose.

As a unique service, Trillium Pharmacy have the capabilities to, occasionally, compound drugs that many pharmaceutical companies have deemed non-profitable, which is service that could only be performed by our highly trained and proficient compounding pharmacists.