Our Commitment… to provide quality medical care to the San Diego community and surrounding areas with little or no wait times for the patients.

Trillium Pharmacy was founded on the ideology that healthcare should be much more than a service, but a mission. The ideal that our founders developed this pharmacy on is that the patient should be supported in every way possible, not only in the efficiency of providing a vast variety of drugs, but in the medication coast. Healthcare is a field established to cure, help, and guide patients for a healthier tomorrow and Trillium’s staff and management aims to achieve this as their top goal. Trillium Pharmacy aims to help its patients continue to achieve better health, for them and their family members; therefore, Trillium Pharmacy was founded to provide services that are unique from all other pharmacies around the State of California, and even the nation.

Trillium believes that healthcare should not be about us, but about you. Therefore, be assured that our staff will guide you and your loved ones, for a stronger and a healthy life.

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